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Customized consulting to support the following:

- Technical patent analysis

- Evidence of use

- Analytical assistance

- Claim chart formulation

- Claim chart analysis

- Evidence collection

- Prior art searches/analysis

- Technical evidence review

- Citation analysis

- Technology reviews

- Portfolio triage

- Product and market analysis

- Semiconductor cross section process/structure interpretation

Products and Services

IC Microanalysis LLC provides customized consulting to support the following areas:

Patent Research, Analysis and Review


- Determine technical strength of patents through detailed review of technical strengths and weaknesses

- Portfolio classification by product type, market, target products, technical support

- Identify potential users by market, product, manufacturer

- Assess licensing potential based on technology and market issues

- Provide patent and technology research assistance. (Mr. York has completed patent research training on both the WEST (Web Based Examiner Search Tool) and EAST (Examiner Automated Search Tool) systems at the US Patent and Trademark Office in Alexandria, VA),

Litigation and Licensing Support


- Locate evidence of invention use through detailed technical search and personal knowledge

- Provide analytical assistance by recommending techniques to uncover or document use, coordinate and manage analysis with selected laboratory, review analytical data and results. Assist with understanding technical aspects of invention

- Develop claim charts to highlight inventive features on analytical results.

- Collect evidence of infringement, noninfringement, or prior art by personally traveling to any location

- Locate prior art through technical searches of document and patent databases, company web sites, internet newsgroups, and blogs.

- Evaluate technical evidence to assist with building strong case, or to assess strength or weaknesses of opposition evidence

- Provide expert assistance at hearings, depositions, trials

Arbitration Assistance


- Assist with case development by providing technical consulting support

- Provide expert review of physical evidence

- Serve as technical arbitrator on arbitration panel

All work is customized to your needs and requirements.


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