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Customized consulting to support the following:

- Technical patent analysis

- Evidence of use

- Analytical assistance

- Claim chart formulation

- Claim chart analysis

- Evidence collection

- Prior art searches/analysis

- Technical evidence review

- Citation analysis

- Technology reviews

- Portfolio triage

- Product and market analysis

- Semiconductor cross section process/structure interpretation





Semiconductor Cross Section Consulting

Mr. York has not only studied the idealized technical device cross section drawings in text books, but has personally prepared, analyzed, and interpreted semiconductor cross sections of a wide variety of products and manufacturing processes on finished products as far back as 1979, making him with a unique historical and technical resource for legal issues dealing with cross sections on many technologies.

For over twenty-three years, he personally prepared semiconductor cross sections, developed new chemical stains, subjected sections to staining/highlighting to clearly illustrate the desired structural features and layers, examined the cross sections using both optical and scanning electron microscopy (SEM) techniques, documented the desired features, and interpreted the results. His cross sectional images have been used in thousands of reports to support competitive analysis, benchmarking, failure analysis, and patent infringement projects. In his role as a technical manager, he also reviewed and interpreted cross section images prepared by numerous technicians and engineers.

Mr. York clearly understands semiconductor device structures from many different types of products and processes, and can quickly apply his extensive experience and knowledge to assist with interpreting cross sections of any other semiconductor structures.

For litigation cases, he can provide expert technical advice to help maximize the impact of your cross sectional evidence or to asses the accuracy and validity of evidence and claims made by opposing counsel.

See a detailed list of Mr. Yorks' project experience.


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