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Mr. York's CV

Typical Past Projects


Customized consulting to support the following:

- Technical patent analysis

- Evidence of use

- Analytical assistance

- Claim chart formulation

- Claim chart analysis

- Evidence collection

- Prior art searches/analysis

- Technical evidence review

- Citation analysis

- Technology reviews

- Portfolio triage

- Product and market analysis

- Semiconductor cross section process/structure interpretation


About Us

IC Microanalysis LLC was formed by Mr. David York to provide independent and objective expert semiconductor technology patent research and consulting services to engineering and intellectual property professionals around the world.

Mr. David York began his semiconductor analysis career in 1979 with Integrated Circuit Engineering Corporation (also known as ICE Corporation), a well respected Scottsdale, Arizona-based independent quality, failure, competitive, and intellectual property analysis laboratory and market research firm. His positions have included Vice President of Intellectual Property Analysis Services, Vice President of Laboratory Services, and Manager of Laboratory Services Group.

ICE's Laboratory Services Group was at the forefront of independent semiconductor structural teardowns for over thirty-five years, with a reputation for delivering a high quality, customer-responsive analysis. Clients included many major semiconductor manufacturers and users, corporate law departments and law firms. Annual sales of the lab exceeded $2 million. Many of these reports were publicly available and frequently purchased by attorneys for use in patent cases, by engineering professionals involved in competitive analysis research, and as references for subsequent patented inventions.

As a hands-on Engineer, Manager, and Vice President of the company's analytical laboratory for twenty-one years, he developed comprehensive sample preparation and reverse engineering experience, analytical equipment operation skills, and detailed technical knowledge of a wide variety of leading edge products and processes from diverse manufacturers. He has comprehensive first-hand experience in all phases of structural laboratory teardown analysis, from hands-on laboratory sample preparation and reverse engineering techniques, to technical and personnel management of competitive and patent-related projects.

Mr. York subsequently served as Manager of Process Analysis for Chipworks, USA, where he continued to provide analytical services to support the intellectual property and engineering client base.

Mr. York has not only studied the idealized technical device section drawings in text books, but has personally produced, analyzed, and interpreted cross sections of finished semiconductor structures and devices as far back as 1979, making him a unique historical and technical resource for legal issues dealing with older technologies. In addition, he continues to stay current with modern semiconductor technologies and analytical processes.

For over 35 years, Mr. York has provided reverse engineering services to support technology-related litigation, licensing, prior art and competitive intelligence for domestic and international law firms and corporate clients. He has a unique combination of engineering skills and comprehensive expertise for understanding and interpreting patents. He has assisted major corporations in successfully building very lucrative patent licensing programs, transforming patent portfolios into revenue-generating products.

Mr. York has extensive personal knowledge of MOS, CMOS, BiCMOS and Bipolar semiconductor processes and device structures, but also has the ability to quickly and effectively research and understand diverse new technologies when required by a project. He has reviewed and analyzed thousands of patents covering a wide variety of products and processes, and has developed an aptitude to quickly comprehend technical and inventive aspects of a patent. He has been deposed as a factual witness and has served as a technical expert on an arbitration panel managed by the American Arbitration Association. This particular case lasted approximately 2.5 years and he devoted 422 hours to complete the case.  In addition, he has supported evidence utilized in cases before the International Trade Commision.

Additional details on typical projects he has completed over the last 35 years are shown here.

See a detailed list of the typical content of Mr. Yorks' previous project reports.




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