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Customized consulting to support the following:

- Technical patent analysis

- Evidence of use

- Analytical assistance

- Claim chart formulation

- Claim chart analysis

- Evidence collection

- Prior art searches/analysis

- Technical evidence review

- Citation analysis

- Technology reviews

- Portfolio triage

- Product and market analysis

- Semiconductor cross section process/structure interpretation



















Typical Prior Report Content

Below are examples of typical reports Mr. York has written in the past and their general content.

Detailed Physical Quality and Competitive Analysis

Detailed text describing procedure used for analysis, conclusions or results from analysis, table illustrating specific tests or analysis performed on each part, detailed description of general fabrication process layers, design features, and materials, detailed list of critical horizontal feature sizes and process layer thicknesses, documentation of package and assembly, die surface features and cross-sectional process layers with annotated optical microscope images, annotated Scanning Electron Microscope (SEM) images of surface features at various tilt angles, annotated SEM images of semiconductor die cross sections to illustrate general process layers, specific process features, transistor device structures, diffusions and implants, materials identification spectrums.

Many of these older reports were solicited by and donated to the Smithsonian Institution for inclusion in their Chip Collection, and are regularly used as reference and research sources for new inventions and patents.

Patent Claim Charts

Patent Claim Charts showing specific claim language and images of actual physical process or design feature from product and annotated and color-coded to specific claim element.

Failure Analysis

Detailed text describing failure region and analysis steps used, and illustrating optical or SEM images of suspect failure location.

Detailed Technical Patent Evaluation

General area of technology, possible current or future products or manufacturers using the inventive or similar elements, general description of invention, key elements to each claim of the invention (independent and dependent claims), suspect physical or materials analysis required to document key elements of the invention.

Circuit Extraction (Reverse Engineering)

Optical images of specific circuit areas at each interconnect and transistor stage, transistor level or logic level circuit schematic showing each transistor or device annotated to the physical transistor layout on the images, and transistor sizes.

Developed cell libraries showing optical images of cell circuit layouts annotated to cell schematic/logic to supplement circuit extraction projects on gate array and standard cell circuit projects.

Technology Overview

Compiled processes, technical design features, and documentary images of specific product groups or new process technologies within specified timeframe.


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